Extencion Face tool

Hello the extension folders are empty, I paid $2 to investigate if your package only works with a purchase, two weeks ago I sent a message because your Face toll tool does not work in AE, since it did not work I downloaded PR and it does not work either
Today Adobe called me on the phone and remotely saw my computer, I tried to install the package and it couldn’t either, what happened??? How can I buy a package that I can’t install?
I am a person with Attention Deficit Disorder I lost my first homework, because of you now I have Pr and it doesn’t work either, we are people with a disability it’s true, but we deserve attention to be able to work too, this is very important, Adobe has lent me all the help i needed
and always the conclusion is that you are the one with the problem, I need to fix this problem, I even changed to version 22.0 of Pr and it didn’t work either, now I’m with the latest version, I need your help to install Pr, and don’t send me your video of how to install, because that is not the problem, your folders are empty.