Author won't help

Emailed an author three times about non-working photoshop action. He promised a solution, then I never heard from him again. I’d prefer the action working to receiving a refund. What is my recourse? Thanks.

Hello @hopethrows

You can wait a bit longer for the author to reply, maybe they have some issues or high volume of enquiries. I know it’s frustrating but try sending them another email to remind them about your issue.

If there’s no answer from the author please contact Envato Market Help and Support. They will be able to assist.

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Thanks so much. I’m not trying to bust them; I’d much prefer to have a working action. And, sigh, we never know what goes on in someone else’s life.

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I understand and I agree with you. Thank you for your patience. I hope the author will respond soon :blush:

If not, make sure you contact Envato Support via the link I’ve sent in the previous message.