Unprofessional Author

Beware of this man

I’ve bought two items from him. First was the . Both tested on Photoshop CC and Photoshop CS6 and they does not work. THe HDR Action package, some of them work, some not, I get an error. The is worse, I get 3 errors and the action does not finish. The final effect is grotesque. Not near what the Author say it is. I’ve contacted Envato, I’ve started a few support tickets, still no answer from them. I’m very disappointed. I’ve been around here from 2011 and I’ve purchased more than 50 items for hundreds of dollars. I think I’m gonna pass from now on. Unbelievable. Your refund strategies are awful. Is this the way how you treat customers?

Hey, sorry to hear about that. Have you tried contacting the author? Because, author you have mentioned is Elite and I doubt he would sell “broken” projects.

You should contact him and explain project issues.

Hope I was helpful. :wink:

Definitely ask the author who may be able to help otherwise if you have issues with files you can contact support as you have done, however had to remove names of authors and files as it breaches community guidelines. Thanks