got problem with evanto support & evanto author

i bought this script and the author didnt want to accept complain + try to make his page clean from words “bug” and “error”, i put one word within my suggestion for the next feature and boom he kicked me out from facebook group ( he is so smart to take all of the member into facebook group, so no buyer will complain or give comment in evanto item page) and he always moderate the comment and delete the comment. this is my deleted experience and awfull experience with evanto.

I tried to email evanto and he respond like refund and refund but i love the item but not with the author because of his arrogant and resilent character that doesnt want anyone critics him.

i tried to communicate with the author and deleted happen again plus want to refund the money, whats it for ? this is really deleted

it makes me headache because i cant say anything just keep silent.

First of, please watch your language, as this is a public forum. :slight_smile:

Secondly, your issue seems to be more with the author itself, then with the item you purchased. And you seem to be confusing the author with Envato; those are two separate entities. Yes you bought an item on an Envato marketplace, but Envato is only the platform, and the author is the actual seller.

And whenever item support is provided via external system, authors will always moderate comments and are free to moderate those as they seem fit. Every business (small and large) does so and it shouldn’t come as any surprise to you that authors here on Envato are interested in protecting their “brand” and “item” reputation, especially on a medium like Facebook.

Yes, an author is supposed to fix any serious bugs and errors, if those are in fact bugs and not related to styling or customization requests.

In your case, the author even offered you a refund, which you seem to not want to accept, and really, there is nothing more you can expect from any author, because what more can s/he do? The author is willing to refund you fully and cancel your purchase, and you are the one not wanting to accept it.

What else do you want, that an author can give you at this point? You purchased an item, which does not include you having to like the author, or the author being required to like you; no matter whether the item does what it supposed to do, or not. If it doesn’t, the author is supposed to fix it. If the author doesn’t fix it (provided it is an actual bug/error), you can request a refund, but the author already offered one to you, which you are refusing. You do see how you are moving in a circle here, I hope?

Either you use the item and “work” with the author to the extend the author is willing to do, or you accept his refund offer. You don’t have any other options, and neither should you. This is a simple business transaction and you have been offered a way out. If you don’t take it, then please stop complaining (or at least do it with a much more refined language) and move on.


Yeah, please keep the language ‘family-friendly’. I’ve also removed the link to the item as it’s against the rules to call out specific items or authors.

Have you asked for support through the correct channel… the ticketing system on the ‘support’ tab of the item page? The author should provide support for supported issues, and if he doesn’t then you should contact support, as I’m pretty sure refusing support would be reasonable grounds for a refund. Also, there’s nothing stopping you from commenting on the item page if you’d like. The author cannot remove comments from there, although extremely negative, unfounded comments, or profane comments might be removed by Envato.

One thing to note, the item has had several reviews, which have been overwhelmingly positive, with a 5 star rating overall. Although I’m not doubting that you’re experiencing a problem, the evidence would suggest that yours might be an isolated issue, rather than indicative of the overall quality of the item.

I recommend contacting the author through his support system, and you could always try joining the facebook group again… you may have been removed in error. But keep in mind that the Facebook group isn’t the official place to get support, otherwise it would link to it on the support page.


The problem is the author wont let us comment or critic the item. Its
really bad for someone who buy and cant fix the bug. He or she will spend
money for nothing. Iam not give list of bug but i just gave him suggestion
list that need to be improved.

You evanto should understand and take responsible about this issue. I
bought so many items and never have seller like this that will delete ur
comment by emotionally.

Dont talk about refund! How if every seller did this in evanto ?

iam okay with the bug because i can fix the bug by myself.

As you’ve licensed the item, you’re entitled to leave a rating for the item, and you’re entitled to leave comments on the item… whether they be critical, full of praise, or just some general observations. Buyers have always had that right, and that’s unlikely to change any time soon.

All authors should ideally be friendly and helpful, but if an author is rude on a third party site, which isn’t the official place to get support, then there’s no much that Envato can do. It’s his Facebook group, Facebook provide the option to delete posts and the author has exercised his right to delete your post.

Should an individual or a company delete customer complaints to improve their image? That’s debatable, I’d probably say no, but it’s not always that black and white with stuff from Themeforest and CodeCanyon. You have half a dozen operating systems, using half a dozen browsers, on half a dozen different versions of those browsers, and a theme that maybe uses half a dozen plugins… problems can and do arise, that may not be indicative of a poor quality product or a lack of quality control. The author may feel that your comments were unjustified, inaccurate or that it was unfair to post before seeking support through the right channels. Who knows?!

If you have an issue with the item then you should visit the support page of the item. If you don’t have a problem with the item but would like to contact the author with suggestions for improvement… then you can visit the support page, post a comment on the comments thread or contact the author via a private message through their profile page.