Your ticket id is 468564

Please reply to the tickets! i have submited a refund for a really bad product that you sell , and no reply yet!

whats the matter with this website , dont you want to work?

and the topic i need to choose from one…yes im looking for help!!!

Which theme author are you talking about?

Please wait for sometime. Support people will answer you shortly.


[Please do not call out others on the forums. Thanks!]

No support, no reply…nothing… meanwhile envato market help, refund me with credit to my market account, less damage. Which frankly i do appreciated. Somebody should take care of this kind of issues, it´s not a malfunction that´s true, but honestly for me this is complete rubbish, I could do this myself, a mere and pure black background with no science behind! And look at the preview, full of beautiful glowing effects!

Sorry but I will have to put a comment on the authors review page, to avoid mislead another consumer, this is pure misleading publicity.

Thank you for the support

Hi, it’s weekend in Australia, please be patient.

Did you try to contact author about issue? Did you read tutorial, download all assets?