Getting errors on Ae from purchases

Hello to you all… I am in need of major help. I have purchased a sizable amount of content here, all amazing work by the way, but be that as it may when I load any of them onto Ae I am getting errors. I don’t know how to fix, I am losing money not to mention the money I used to purchase items. and now I am starting to lose clientele cause I am not getting jobs done on schedule time. “after effects warning: error with file:” and "after effect error: the file format module could not phrase file ( 45 :: 36). I am using the latest version of Ae and it is up to date, I don’t know what to do and I am losing faith with this. I don’t want to lose either money or clientele but this is killing me… please someone. help

There’s a known issue with the latest version of AE giving errors. I can’t remember the exact details (there’s a thread about it somewhere here in the forums, couldn’t seem to find it for some reason) but I think it might be to do with image placeholders, the latest version of AE and possibly just on Macs.

I know it’s been reported to Adobe though, so hopefully they implement a fix soon. And hopefully someone will chime in soon who knows more about the issue, but I’d recommend downloading and using a prior version of AE for now. Click the three dots to the right of the After Effects entry inside your Creative Cloud app and it will give you the option of downloading previous versions. 17 something is probably the way to go.

Found it! There’s a fix in a video at the bottom of the thread that might help.

The latest version of AE, 18.4 should have this error fixed. Only 18.2 had this bug.
are you really on the latest version?