We need the help of all videohive authors! (Critical Bug in latest AE)

Hi my fellow authors,

in the latest release of After Effects, Adobe introduced a critical bug that affects all projects with jpg images when opened on a Mac. Every template creator who has used a jpg-file in any way (not just sequences, any jpg) in his project will run into this bug with his customers on Mac sooner or later. It is in everyones interest that this gets fixed immediately.

Below is the bugreport for Adobe, I kindly ask everyone to vote for this so that it gets attention by Adobe devs. This error is widespread and affects many templates, yet only few people have found the time to vote for this.

Thanks for your help,


Voted and commented :smiley:

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A frustrating bug, indeed. How a company with the dev power such as Adobe would miss such an obvious and annoying issue is beyond my comprehension.

I’ve done some testing, and it appears that if you click on the affected asset in the Project Window, and then replace the file with the same file with the “Right-Click > Replace Footage… > File” command (basically, re-import the image), it will fix the issue.

Hopefully Adobe releases a patch soon so that we don’t have to take that step above, but this seems to be a good solution to offer customers who might be experiencing problems with items they’ve purchased or downloaded.


Thanks Tyson. Yes, we have found that solution in the original thread and I posted it in the comments of the bug report already, but for me this is still unacceptable. I have around 300 items, a great part of them use jpg sequences or jpg textures. Instructing AE newcomers with this procedure is cumbersome, especially if they think what they purchase is a one-click solution (and it should be!).

After the initial batch of user complains, I did not receive more emails, so maybe my customers now find the solution with googling. But I know that support staff of other companies are running into this issue constantly.


…when we authors must spend time and nerve :slight_smile: for what we are not guilty :slight_smile:

I’m astounded how little votes this got. 14 votes for this bug report is nothing for the disablement of a good percentage of the whole template industry. Including adobe’s own stock market, Adobe Stock.

Cause mogrts with jpg assets don’t work as well.