can someone help me please?

can someone help me please. i bought an add on but can’t get it to work. i reached out to adobe who said it was fixed but still same issue.
i have tried reaching out to the developer who can’t be bothered even replying.

if someone could help that wold be great.

How long ago did you reach out to the author? (Weekends tend not to count for support).

Have you been able to look at item documentation?

Presumably there is no compatibility issues between the add on and the version you are using?

Is it this item? Watercolor Photoshop Action by sevenstyles | GraphicRiver

i reached out a few days ago and yesterday too. i’ve followed the documentation and it’s
up to date software.
thats the correct action yes

@sevenstyles is a very respected and experience author so it seems very unlikely that they would not handle their items well.

As mentioned - weekends often don’t apply to support so they may well reply quickly in the working week.

It looks like the author is fairly responsive on item comments too so perhaps try messaging them there too Discussion on Watercolor Photoshop Action | GraphicRiver

No they don’t. Neither do the owners.

Honestly, this has been a really upsetting experience.