Epic Track Rejected, Reasons?

I spent lots of time and effort working on this mix, I would appreciate helping me know what I have done wrong, because I’m about to become crazy from overthinking :sweat:!

Thanks in Advance.

nice sounds here, love your staccatos… Is solemn, the music is really big from 0:39… Till this time this is ok to me… really love this! :smiley: it’s really powerful… I see that you’ve panoramized the horns in the left… maybe this could be in the center… it’s like a main melody and deserves more prominence… I noticed some extrems in the pans,…
I think the mix could be one of the main reasons for rejection.-. but not sure…
Anyway, I love your track! I think it’s great…
Maybe someone can say something else…

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Thank you for the feedback!
And thanks for the points you brought to my attention!

Hi. i like it! it is nice track. imho the main reason for the reject is the chord progression. it is preferably to make some new steps in different parts. i had this issue with some tracks, that been rejected too, but now i try to use 2-3 different progressions ( are they called like that in english?:slight_smile: and it works to me. anyway this is great job!

We hope to see a new submission from you soon!

All the best!


Thanks, I indeed love to add more chord variation to my music, but Audio Jungle gave me an impression that they don’t like more than one chord progressions in a song (because they don’t like a change in the mood), I tried to observe what Epic music best sellers are doing, almost all of them are following one chord progression through the entire song (and very similar to each others chords as well) and that’s why I did the same.

However I will try with more chord variations in my next production, hope they approve them!

Anyway, thanks for bringing this point to my awareness.

hmm maybe this is genre related thing, i never submitted epics to aj, so it can be true about changing mood, that was my first guess… and last by the way lol. wish you luck on next submission!

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I think the arrangement and movement is good personally. I’d say there’s a lack of punch in the low mid and bass and a lot of the higher instruments are a bit thin because there’s a lack of solid lows in general. Hope this helps.


I think this is it, Thanks for bringing this to my awareness! :wink: