Epic Hybrid Trailer Soundtrack rejected?

It was rejected for audio mixing/mastering and composition quality. I don’t understand. Is it really that bad? I can’t seem to submit much of anything on here lately, what has changed?

Hi, I think both, mixing and composition isn’t
sophisticated enough for a commercial usage.

Hey Grandvision!

My two cents… everything sounds a bit cheap. what software did you use?
I would be looking at better software to start with, this sounds like it’s made of free VSTinstruments.

The composition is fine… that’s not the problem, the sound and mix however… are not okay in my opinion and the reason why it got rejected for sure.

Good luck!

And the reasoning is? You can’t just say that without giving some valid points.

East West Symphonic Orchestra which is outdated but the only one I can use due to my low PC specs, as I am poor, so that’s why I am trying to sell my music somehow on the side but it’s not going well. There is some major mixing and EQ on this track actually. You should have heard the unmixed version. I think it got to do with it not being loud enough. I hear tracks on there are slightly compressed and raised to the maximum possible dB without clipping.

Take a listen to Robert’s portfolio, he is a Jedi Master within this genre and has a great sound that everyone who is doing this genre could learn from.

The composition has potential. The problem is the mix and the dynamics/expressiveness. They sounds both very flat and quiet. In a same passage, the short strings notes sounds like they are always on the same velocity and they lack attack, power and definition. Too much reverb and compression and not the right articulation (you need staccato or spiccato). if really you used East West Symphonic Orchestra, it’s not the library the problem. I use it and I get powerful, emotional and in the face mix. I personally use the close mics with a touch of stage mics and a good transparent algorythm reverb. You need to use just what it needs to not sound dry (a rich early reflection not to long. Try to listen to epic film tracks to compare if you have to much wet signal or not enough. If the attacks, the definition is lacking and it sounds blurred, far and quiet, you have too much wet signal. Turn down the gain on your reverb and increase the tail time instead if it begins to miss ambience. The early reflections have to sound blended with the source and short enough. By doing all this you can compress more before it starts to sounds like a brick and you will get a more in the face mix. Adjusting reverb it’s very tricky. Try to use more efficiently the articulations and the velocity to make it expressive. Your lines have to sing.I hope it can helps. :slight_smile:

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Yes, i think it’s not bad at all, it has the mood and all those dramatic drops and stuff, but lacks full body and emotions. I think there should be a few more instument layers to fill the field. Maybe even a pad that sounds like a choir in the background. Something that would make this track richer and support your main melody. Hope you get what i mean. Loudness is ok for me. But i personally hate squashed mixes, let alone orchestal ones.

I like how Audiojungle watermark has reverb on it, as if it is a part of the track :grinning:

While EWQL Symphonic Orchestra is a bit dated, I still use it and it shouldn’t be the reason for rejection if you work on it. Regarding compression, I’ve found You Wa Shock! VST compressor to be an excellent one knob solution for this kind of music if you don’t have knowledge / time to do any more complex mastering. You should check it out and see how it works for you.

EDIT: It is based on Maximus and the current version Soundgoodizer is purely for FL Studio. Not sure what would be the best option today.