Orchestral Track Rejection - Any Advice?



so I got another rejection. You can listen to it here: https://soundcloud.com/user-623519037/emotional-cinematic/s-NUrIK
What could I have done better? Any Ideas?
Thank you very much!


Choice of sound libraries and weak drums and percussion could be a rejection factor. This is a highly competitive genre and the quality and mixing needs to be top notch.


Thanks for always telling me your opinion! This definetly helped a lot!

I used EastWest because I’m just starting out and it’s cheap. What would be something that could be better about the mix in your opinion?

I really appreciate your answers!


Thinking about my approach to cinematic tracks I always start off with the drums and percussion. I like to use polyrhythmic patterns and use sub kicks and accents as much as possible. Creating a broad spectrum of drums - low/mid and hi will for me dictate a mix. I normally have about 20 - 25 tracks of drums in an average cinematic tracks which all have their own stems which will be individually compressed and a little or no reverb. Strings will for me will be five parts - bass/cello/viola/1st and 2nd violins and again stemmed out and sits in the sonic space made by the drums. I never use reverb on the strings since there is reverb baked into the samples. Brass again different parts - tubas/trombones/horns/trumpets. Woodwinds - well for epic tracks I never use - my bad. Basses should be free from reverb so the bottom end should be as clean as possible.
Sample libraries to look at could be Spitfire HZ Drums, Storm Drum 2, Strings 8DIO Black Edition, Cinematic Strings 2, 8DIO Brass, Sound Iron Brass Ensemble. I use many more but getting quality sounds from a library is expensive and unfortunately the competition has always got that expensive library hence rejection of tracks can result.


Wow! Thanks for the in depth answer! I will consider every sentence!