Track rejected... Any clue why ?

Hi guys yesterday I was kind of surprised to see my new track rejected.

Do you have any idea to improve this one ?

Thank you !


Really nice track!

But, to me there are obvious issues that warrant a rejection indeed.

The main problem is the strings. Reviewers are quite strict when it comes to realism, and here, the strings sound too artificial. You’ll need either a better library, or play more with the velocity/automation, to achieve a more realistic sound.

There are also several mix issues. The guitar is pushed too much to the back, while the woodwind are too loud and untamed. The strings are also too upfront.

Having you drums panned hard left, is not a good idea for Audiojungle. They need to be centered.

These are a few things you can work on. Hope it helps!

Thank you so much.
That’s what I was thinking about. That’s my first orchestral track, and now I understand how much it’s difficult… I’ll work on it.

Thanks again