Envato uncaring support and Credit refund issue

I am not happy with Envato support service at all and I am so furious cos it seems you guy care less about your customers.

I had requested for a refund from some author I purchased items from and my refund was approved, I have spent over $1k on my two different account as a customer buying different codes and themes from Envato. I have a very big problem that needs urgent response so I need to withdraw my credit from Envato system cos I have no other way to get fund at the moment.

I have a credit of about $143 from my two account now, that should solve some of my immediate issues, envato has refunded $56 to a PayPal account I bought the item from why not refund the remaining credit balance? I have raise ticket for days now to know the PayPal email the refund was done so I can track it as I sometimes use friends PayPal account to make payment due to PayPal limit in my country, all I’m asking is to know the PayPal email the refund was done so I can follow up, one of my Envato account is as old as 2013 while the other one is 2018…Envato is big enough to have detail accounting history of purchased items for customers, like for example I can’t track the date I bought an Item from the market, I can’t see if it’s credit card or PayPal account I use to make payment or where my refund was done and then why can’t I received the refund of the remaining credit balance of $46 and $41 still remaining in my Envato account?why is that it’s only $56 that was refunded to a PayPal account after so much pleading? Why can’t I get refund to the main PayPal account I regularly use to make payment?.

You guys make policy that makes life difficult for your customers like saying my credit will expire in time if I don’t use it to buy an item. I really need help to get this fund out as I am desperately in need. I can’t believe one day I will be requesting for refund from authors for items I didn’t use due to financial problems and fortunately enough for me some author have listened and refunded my money so it is time Envato play it part and get the credit balance to my PayPal account.

I really need help as I have a big financial issue and I don’t want to get depressed due to financial problems when I have fund sitting in my Envato account.

Please I need help in this regard ASAP.



Unfortunately only support can help with this type of issue, but just to try and offer some clarity –

  • Refunds are only sent to the source i.e. method or account used to buy the item. This is the case buying anything and anywhere.

  • Envato are not a bank so they cannot transfer funds or credits back and forth except in the case of issuing refunds within the policy.

  • The $56 will have been the refund that you referenced above as having been approved.

  • For obvious reasons, support are not able to share details of purchase methods or even more so the details of PayPal or other methods of payment, especially if it is possible that the name of the account is your friend and does not match your details

It does not sound like envato are behaving unreasonably, but if you continue to talk to support then they will be able to offer any solutions available and official answers

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How will support not respond to ticket in a week? that’s not fair. I have the right to know where refund was done, it is my right to know, aren’t you aware that their are PayPal payment restrictions and limitations in some countries? And one have to outsource other people to make payment on once behave just because of the need to get a particular code or theme, Please let be factual here.

Even if Envato has given me no choice but to urgently use the credit so it doesn’t expire the remaining $87 credit balance to purchase item on the marketplace should I then loose the $56 that was refunded because you won’t share the PayPal email the payment was refunded?

Let’s not make life too difficult for ourselves Please.

I will write to the support again and I hope they will respond to my query.