Upsetting - How do I add my refund credit to my paypal purchase


I have been using this site reluctantly for several years but it’s been ok, however recently for the first time… Several days ago I was asked to rate support, when I received a refund for an author that did NOT respond to any of my requests for over 10 days… I was upset so I decided to wait and reflect before judging the system harshly…

Today I then decided Ok, lets give Envato the thumbs up (they were quick to refund my purcahse), but just before I do that, let me purchase something else and use my refund ($20.40), only to find there was no way to add it to my checkout unless I buy more credit…
" Your order total is $126 and your credit balance is $20.40 The minimum credit amount is $200 "

Why am I being forced to buy more credit, when I am just about to pay my usual way-paypal, especially when the minimum credit amount far exeeds the purchase. In my opinion that’s not a refund that’s a never ending trap, until you place a large enough order to get past the minimum credit amount.

This is very anoying and if someone asked today what my reflection is regarding support and this refund, just this second experience alone would make me just say…forget it.

I really dislike sytems that manipulate my payment workflow…

Can someone at Envato please refund me my $21 back to my credit card/paypal account so I can be on my way.


Heya @jofori! Please open a Help ticket at the Envato Help & Support Center if you haven’t done so already. The Help team will be happy to check into it for you. Thanks!

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