Envato rejection - I'm new here

Hello, friends! I’m a professional music producer, audio engineer, and award-winning film composer. I want to start selling my music through Audio Jungle but I received a rejection message due to “commercial quality standards”. The point is that never say what are these standards, or if there are technical issues I can fix. I know my music has commercial quality since I’m an awarded film composer and one of my songs was licensed to Unilever recently. I’ll appreciate any help, tips, or advice you can give me. Thank you so much!


Upload your track to soundcloud and post it here.
Some authors can help you to understand the rejection.

Thank you for your answer! Here is the song licensed to Unilever: https://www.songtradr.com/user/song/walder-martinez/springtime-cut
And here are some compositions I want to sell: Free Music | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Upload the track which was rejected, and someone may be able to offer constructive advice. Posting links to other works won’t help.

I had sent several songs. Many of them are the ones in those links.

you have normal tracks,but the sound seems to be unprocessed and queit at all

I wanted to say very quiet,a commercial track should sound loud -5db RMS

@WalderMartinez . Hi.Please upload the tracks you have uploaded on AJ for review and have been rejected. Your description seems a bit chaotical. The Unilever song is mundane and lacks construction. Please use the soundcloud and upload exactly the tracks that have been rejected. Just FIY. This is not personal, just the take it with a grain of salt.Being a professional award winning composer doesn’t automatically mean that your content is good.Or has enough commercial potential for stock music market. The tracks you posted are not quite impressive imho. I am not judging , i am not a reviewer , but you really have to consider that maybe your tracks are not that good as you think they are. Good luck with further uploads.


Thank you! You’re right. I’ve mixed and mastered these songs following old-school parameters. I could not find that information anywhere on Envato.

Thank you for your comments. When I said I’m an award-winning film composer, I didn’t mean to brag. I actually mentioned it because of the fact that, if my music technically meets film standards, it puzzles me that it doesn’t meet Envato’s standards which, by the way, I don’t know what they are.

Well, finally I have found the Envato requirements and I realized that, among other things, I needed to include the watermark in the preview files. I knew I was doing something wrong. Thank you all for the comments.

could you put the link of the Envato standard, because I too have rejections and I don’t know why.

IMHO I think the arrangements to your tracks need some attention as they seem, again my opinion only, lack any interest and the choice of instrumentation needs to use higher quality sample libraries. The standard on this market place is slowly getting higher and authors work needs to reflect the ever-changing standard which is a good thing. I am not a reviewer.


@tombezlar. No, we are not reviewers , and yes, most of our opinions are based partially on subjectivity. But our subjectivity is based on education and thousands of music tracks produced along our careers. We know sometimes rejects come with frustration because we have emotional attachement to our tracks, tens of hours of work, maybe more. When reviewers mark your track as rejected due to the fact that it does not have enough commercial value to the market, it does not mean that your track is bad. Sometimes is the music that lacks commercial quality, sometimes is the poor sound quality. They do not have enough time to write an extended review for any upload. There are thousands of tracks in the queue , daily. That is the reason they are advising authors to ask for opinions on the Envato forum. No one claimed to be a reviewer here on board. We’re just trying to help . And yes, sometimes we regret that.


@tombezlar @AmyHWinter . Maybe this will help you understand what are the ‘standards’ of Envato


Hello, Walder. Hard rejections cannot be based on missing watermark on the preview file. In this case reviewers will contact you with suggestion for you to fix the issue.
Regarding the commercial quality standards - I think there is a slight difference between music used in films and most of the music for use in advertising and video platforms. Listened to your songs on Soundcloud. They sound a bit more cinematic. In this case cinematic means that your music has a structure, maybe great for a specific film scene, but not universal for most commercial use. Strato-genikA said something about the loudness of the tracks. I agree that yours are a bit quiet, although -5 rms is a bit too much. :slight_smile:
To be accepted here you have to think more about structure and not give up right away. Everyone of us has rejected music. Use this as a motivation to get better!
Best regards!


Yes -5 rms is way too much for most genres unless you produce a EDM, rap, trap, something that need to be really agressive and it has to be really well produced using compression, saturation, volume automation, very clean eq with each element its place, side chain processing etc to sound loud but yet clean and powerful and not choked. The solution is not crushing the track in the limiter in the end with over 3-4 db of peak reduction of course. Personnally for orchestral epic tracks I rarely go over -8 rms on the loudest parts.

Springtime don’t sound like it has been mixed, you get white noise in the background too. Overall your tracks don’t sound 3D enough. You need things in the front and other in the back in your mix. You do that with eq and reverb. They are pretty dry and the sample programming lack work to sound human or expressive. Many of the sounds sound cheap like old samples. Arrangement sound a bit empty sometime in your orchestral tracks that try too sound huge or lacking progression/transitions (Action Movie Trailer Music by exemple which sound extremely dry and muffled miss what it try to be: impactful, full, huge, powerful).

Listen to professionnal skill level releases and compare, develop your ear and judgement. Be humble, rigorous and analytic to improve and put the time it takes.

You need to get more skill on everything after composition (arrangement (a bit sometime), sample programming, mix and mastering) to be accepted here.

I like the vibe/ideas of some of your tracks but it sounds more like demos than finished professionnal masters unfortunately.

I hope it helps! :slight_smile:

In addition: absolute good monitoring/ headphones is crucial. Without it you can dial eq and reverb until the end of days without having a clue. Almost all samples have particular localization information in their nature, in other words; where they were recorded (dry, in a room etc etc ).

I’ve upgraded my listening environment drastically over the years and that has been the single best thing I have done.

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