What are the quality standards???

I really hate it when after 16 days of waiting I simply get bot message which says:

"Unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

Here is the comment from your Envato Quality team reviewer:

This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.

We appreciate the effort and time you’ve put into creating your item. And we’d be happy to help make sure your next entry will meet our submission requirements."

No one appreciates the effort and time Ive put into creating the melody and mixing. So I came here to ask, is audiojungle a site for uploading audio or something else? And what are these “quality” standards???


Is this your first uploaded item or your first rejection?

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No its second item and second rejection…


I would recommend to upload the rejected item to soundcloud and share a private link in the forum, so the community can try to help you, what could be the reason for the rejection.
There’s no existing guide or clear criteria for the quality standard and you wull never get a detailed reason from the review team in case of a rejection.


and this is a good thing because if they had to type out personalized feedback for every rejected track then we would all probably have to wait several months for our tracks to be reviewed.

Also, professional personalized feedback on a piece of music is typically a service you have to pay for; it would be unreasonable to expect Envato to just provide this extremely valuable service for free.

So like Daydreamz said, the next best thing is just posting a link to the track in the forums. Usually the advice you get here is pretty helpful. I know we all get frustrated with Envato but there is 0% chance they are going to decide to just start tutoring all of us for free in how to make music so we might as well just accept that.


Ok here it is: https://soundcloud.com/xenos-266927008/atmospheric-bells

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At first some questions and please give a honest answer:

  • What is the purpose of this song? What kind of end product you have in mind together with your song?
  • In which category you had uploaded the song?
  • In your opinion: What is the “killer feature” on your song? What makes it unique? Why a customer should buy it.
  • How many time you spent to produce it?
  • Which price span you had in mind for this song?
  • Imagine you’re a customer: Are you willing to pay that money for, to use it in any end product?
  • What is your music experience? What kind of music you produced until now? Does your soundcloud profile mirroring your experience and portfolio?
  • Have you produced and sold commercial and stock music before (maybe in other stock music libraries)?
  • Have you compared your music to the musiic of successful authors here yet? Are you convinced, that your music is on a near-equal level to that and ready for for the customers?

In my opinion the basic idea is not bad.

  • The reverb is too wet and therefore too short. I cannot hear, that there are playing bellls, I would identify it as pulse-wave sounds with a way too soft attack for bells.
  • The 2-bar main bells pattern is playing the whole song
  • The song has no evolution. The concept is very basic. The song sounding to me more like a basic idea for a song intro or an idea for a bells part
  • in my ears there are only two changes in that one minute piece: added lower bells and an atmosphere sound
  • The lower bells playing random chords (I try this chord, and now the next)
  • The song starts quiet and ends quiet. The customer is fixed to use it in the 00.53 length.

I will not yet give you an advice without knowing the answers of my questions above.


At first listen, remembers me the intro from a Sci-fi, or terror teenager, movie from 80´s.
Something like a background sound with a voice at the beginning of the movie.
This is not a song.

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So what it doesnt have to be full song this site is for uploading audio.

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  1. Purpose of this kind of song is to fit something with ominous atmosphere.
  2. Category: Music
  3. The killer feature are these bells which are the main focus and they are the most unique part, I have never heard any bells like these. Customer should buy it if they need something more unique yet simple.
  4. I think it was something like 3-5 days.
  5. I forgot what price was exactly but here are some average prices I thought of: basic one is around 5$ while multi use was around 20$.
  6. Depends in what I would use it but generally yes.
  7. Intermediate. Ive produced DnB, Neurofunk, Techno, Psytrance and Acid Trance. Yes my soundcloud profile is equal to my experience however Im not sure is it same with portfolio because I dont know what it is.
  8. Yes, through my distributor routenote.
  9. I compared it to some which are probably successful and I heard something that had much higher quality and some with much lower so I wondered how even these sounds got sold on this site. Yes Im 100% convinced that I could sell something that someone would buy.
    For bells I tried to make them unique but you didnt like it which is okay. Thanks for review on it.
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Thanks for your answers @XxXenoZzZ

Good to know:

  • that you spent a reasonable time for this piece.
  • that you’re self convinced about your work
  • that you’re not overestimated the target price for it

Yes, the sound is unique. But a unique sound doesn’t mean, that there’s a good chance to sell it. And here we are at the significant point. The review team asses the work by different subjective and objective criterias. They have a good experience, which kind of music/sound could sell on AJ. If they come to the conclusion, that there would be no chance to sell your work, then they reject it.
In your case I guess there are more than one reason for the rejection in concept and sound.
Unfortunately the song is already deleted on soundcloud so I cannot go in detail now.

If you want to try work in sound design, I would give you the advice to download some videos you have in mind and combine it with your work. Keep always the end product in mind. Try your work with short scenes and longer scenes. Ask yourself: “Does my work 100% support the end product?”

Yesterday i was going thru your soundcloud profile and heard some of your songs. They are all in a category (Acid, DnB and so far), which will definitely not sell on AJ. But I think, that’s not your intention. But in your uploaded item I can hear the roots of your music experience. My advice is to change your mind in sounddesign. It’s sounding too cold, too tech, too much synth. Try to get it to life.


Then I will need a time for a new type of sound design but still thanks for letting me know that. Until now, I didnt knew that electronic music doesnt fit this site(even if I have already heard some here) but I will keep that in mind, thanks for these advices.

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Really ı am tired of getting rejected also , Can someone tell me what is problem on this sound please?

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@ToprakMusic My opinion:
The song idea isn’t bad at all. There are issues in the mix and in the dynamics/expressions.
The drums are too loud. Especially the cowbell sticks out.
Then you have issues in the instruments dynamics and expressions - because they don’t exist. All instruments playing the whole song with the same velocity and in the same dynamic . All your instruments are also hard quantized. That let the song sounding robotic.
The drums are good, but too loud in the mix and they need more dynamic - try sligthly different velocity values.
You tried to use mostly natural instruments: Guitar, drum set, piano, marimba or vibraphone (or something else) and then you use that synth strings - which doesn’t fit together.
In general your chosen sounds are not the best. They sounding not natural, no feel. No round robin samples. Which equipment and sound libraries do you used?

Maybe that are some reasons for the rejection. The idea of the song is good, but could be improved.


First of all, thank you very much for your thoughts and comments ,i used addictive drums vst, for drums and Omnisphere for guitar, bell and synth string…

@ToprakMusic Unfortunately I do not own Omnishpere so I cannot give you an advice, which sounds would fit better. But I know, that Omnisphere it is a high quality VST. Maybe some of the community members own it and can give you a hint.
And keep in mind: My opinion is only one of many. It’s not the whole and only truth.

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Thank you for giving me advice about this topic. I have considered the options you laid out. After careful consideration, I have decided to choose fitting instruments and balance. Thanks again for sharing the options with me.:pray:t4: