Envato refuses to help with a refund

I am tired of the poor customer service Envato has given me.

I bought a plugin from an Envato author, called Elfsight. The plugin was advertised to be extremely customizable, layouts and forecast. The plugin was not what we expected. It had limited customization options and only two layout options. The weather information was not accurate either.

I started the process to request a refund through Envato. Then the author replied saying I did have to contact their support team first. I did that directly on the Elfsight item page. They reply like 5 days later saying that they received the request and that they are processing.

16 DAYS, 16 DAYS WENT BY and I did not hear anything else from them!!!

I then decided to contact Envato and it has been and endless back and forth where the Envato team simply refuses to help, and refuses to acknowledge the situation. How am I supposed to work with an item from a author that simply goes silent after you try to contact them? Is this the type of authors that Envato supports and defends?

I also want to point out two things. The Envato support person closed my ticket in the middle of the thread, saying that it was resolved when nothin was resolved. I find this quite disrespectful.

Secondly, I left a comment on the author’s page and it seems that they deleted it. I am going to write another one and see what happens but if this is the quality of the authors that are allowed to sell their product on this platform, it is quite telling that there are no metrics or standards to avoid people like this.

I understand that Envato has policies, but it seems absurd to be that said policies can just shield the negligence and lack of respect of an author towards his clients, or users.

I cannot believe how hard it is to get a simple refund. An author disappears from the face of the earth and decides to not reply for almost A MONTH, and then Envato decides to not care and not help at all.

I will never buy any piece of software from any of Envato’s platforms and I will not recommend this company to any of my coworkers and my business network. You are a terrible company with the worst customer service and the most absurd level of red tape I have ever seen. You only want to avoid a refund at all costs. What a joke.

Don’t contact Envato through the ticket for refund. Just use the refund request first then if it’s rejected, you can create a refund request through Envato support. Is this the way what you did?

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I did as you said.

I experience the exact same thing with another app from Papon.
Exactly as described by you.

We are basically left in the lurch. Envato helps only the authors and the authors will just disappear and we will all be done for.

Create another ticket and request a supervisor to check the issue.