Envato Meetup Germany Review

Hey folks,

on saturday we had a fantastic Envato Meetup in Wangen (Allgaeu), Germany. It was awesome to meet people from the Envato Community live and we had a great time in sharing our work and experience with each other. I absolutely recommend anyone to join or host an Envato Meetup. As for my part I am going to host another Meetup for Germany in Winter.

Thanks a lot to compuart.com for providing this great location for us and thanks to all participants!

Mat @matsteiner took some photos that we want to share with the community, enjoy! :slight_smile:


Sorry that I wasn’t able to participate. Would love to met you guys someday!

That was such an awesome meetup! We weren’t too many participants, but it was so exiting to see you guys irl and talk about so many interesting things!
Thank you so much Jan for organizing this and taking some of the pictures too!

And of course many thanks to our host Jürgen which offered his excellent and nice location, food & drinks! :smile:

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I would also love to meet you. Maybe next time?

Meetup in Germany and no beers? Nerds! :smile:


Too bad we could not make it!

Hope we can meet you peeps in that winter meetup you mentioned! Which city are you planning to host it in?

Cheers, ThemePunch

Has been a great day, thanks to everyone, especially Jan and Jürgen!

And regarding the “no beer” question: Take another look at the pics :wink:

thats rally nice

There indeed is no beer. They drank it all! :smiley:

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Very nice guys. Unfortunately I couldn’t come. Though I hope next time it’ll be possible.

I should arrange a meetup in Hamburg next summer.

@Mat: Is it you on the pics? Have you abgenommen? :smiley:

See you later friends!

Oh, please organize it in October this year, I’ll be in Hamburg then! :smiley:

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My plan is to do another meetup in January and I think Berlin should be a great place. I will start looking for a location in October and then create an Event on NVite and post in in the forums.


Thanks for sharing, looks like a nice group of authors :slight_smile:

Sher gut. I don’t think I could bring myself to attend a meetup if there wasn’t at least some alcohol available. I guess if the worst comes to the worst I could always down a half a bottle of scotch before turning up. You know… oil the machine, keep the cogs whirring.

Looks like you guys had a great time. Thanks so much for sharing your photos! :smiley:

Hello @BaumannMusic do you already have some plans for a new meetup? I am opened to provide some options if interested in visiting Vienna, but going to Berlin sounds really nice as well;)

Hey @jota_themes! Unfortunately I have not found a good location in Berlin yet. So I think the meetup is not going to happen before Februrary 2016. If you setup a Vienna meetup I would like to visit. I have a short travel to Vienna and also some friends there.


Yes I think this could be better in 2016 also because I am from Portugal and I am going back on Christmas. But January I am back so we could start making some plans. I will maybe create something on the events section and see how many would be interested.

Good idea, I will keep watching out for a spot in Berlin.

I submitted a proposal for a meetup in February in Viena. Lets see if envato approves. If so I will keep you posted :wink: