Envato Meetup?


I wondered if anyone knows about any upcoming Envato meetups? I have never attended to one, but would really like to do so. Ideally I would want to partake in a bigger rather than smaller meetup as it would more likely involve long-distance travelling. I found some outdated information on the Inside Envato news wall http://inside.envato.com/envato-meetups/, but nothing about any of those looming around the corner :smile:

check out that link http://community.envato.com/#/events/

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Awesome! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

too bad nothing scheduled for thai …

If there’s nothing planned for your city or country, think about hosting one yourself!! :smile:

hi Natman, thanks for the information, would love to do for sure, but cannot do it alone lol any guys from thai here? lol

right, let host one yourselve guys :smiley:

Let me know when you’ve organised one! Never been to Thailand and it;s on my list for potential places to live. Actually… hold on. What’s the withholding percentage?

if u need information about thailand , pls feel free to contact me , i will tell you what i know and answer your questions, if u ever turn out to have some …

Thanks dude!

We just had one in Nepal. Only three Videohive authors… but hey there are around two of us in Austria and 5 in Nepal, so we managed to reach over 40% attendance :wink:

u are welcome