Austria, Germany, Switzerland meetup

Hello all,

I have scheduled a meetup for the 12th of February here in Vienna for anyone interested coming from Germany, Austria, Switzerland or even Italy, Hungary or anywhere else really!

Everyone is welcome. Does not matter if you are a envato master or you are just interested in starting. Depending on how many people we are we can adjust the venue. We can meet at a coffee place or if people want to present something I would be able to arrange something more convenient to have some sort of sessions or presentations there.

Right now its at Phill, a nice coffee place here in Vienna but it can change if we get some more people-

The link to the event is

See you all in Vienna next year;)


I’m in! :slight_smile:

awesome! =)

Sounds amazing! Wish I could be there :smiley: :coffee:

count me in :slight_smile:

Thats great, would be happy to join!

Phil is a nice place :smile:

Cool! Just sign up in the event link so we know how many people are coming and make a reservation so we can make sure to have space :wink:

Signed up! :+1:

Bump it!!!

@revaxarts well done!! I already received some goodies from envato so come and join the meetup! I will be posting the final place at the moment I think we can still manage to do it in some cafe or a nice bar.

But in case someone wants to do some presentation or anything specific just let me know and we can arrange that! :wink:

Looking forward!

Hello guys

Meetup was excelent!!

If anyone has the photos from the meetup share them here. I don’t have the user accounts of Daniel and Stephan they where the ones that took the photos;)

Thank you @revaxarts, @visconbiz and all the others for coming to Vienna. Was awesome hope we can repeat it sometime! =)

Best regards
Joao Garin

Yes and hope we get that sweet meetup badge sometime soon =)

A bit late but wanted to tell that it was a good meetup! @revaxarts @jota_themes and all who i cant tag at the moment.
Photos are still missing… would be great to have them in this post. :slightly_smiling:

Have to agree! Had a great time, and it was nice to meet you guys. :slight_smile:

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Yes, was a nice meetup and was a pleasure to meet you. Still waiting for my badge though. I should maybe poke @KingDog for that :smiley:

Yes I made a support request and got mine. I made sure to mention you guys but I guess the badges where not automatically delivered;P

:wink: cheers

Hi folks, just FYI there will be a meetup in Berlin next Friday.

Hope to see some of you.