Envato Market has gone HTTPS everywhere!

Starting today, all traffic to Envato Market will be sent via HTTPS and will no longer use HTTP as a default means of communication. This has been a long road for Envato due to a few contributing factors (which we will be covering on the engineering blog in the future) however we are extremely happy that we’ve finally been able to complete this complex engineering task and make Envato Market a more secure place for everyone.

What does this mean for our community?

Rolling out HTTPS for all of the marketplaces gives you confidence that your request data is protected in transit against anyone snooping on the network and cannot be intercepted without your knowledge - no matter where you are on the marketplaces (we previously only had HTTPS enabled for all signup, login and checkout processes however this change is making sure all of Envato Market is covered). Using HTTPS ensures that the server you are communicating with is who you expect and you’re not sending data to an unknown malicious source. Another positive side effect of this change is that it unlocks functionality, like HTTP/2 support, that we can implement to decrease response times by using features like request multiplexing.

What should I do if I find an issue?

Please get in touch! Either below, or via support. We’re more than happy to take a look if something looks out of place or incorrect for you.


Hi, maybe it’s old news, but I just realized I need to update every link to audiojungle in my Videohive portfolio, because it’s not working.

Need to change the http to https.

So, could you please check your links and see if it’s working?


Not working here, great now i have to update 180 items :rage:

B E A utiful … Me too, :wink:

Omg just noticed this. It’s much worrying for junglers. :scream: Envato, if possible make the links redirection by some way. Please!

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This is horrible! All links send to main page, not to track :confused:

And please Envato, let us know as soon as possible if you will make redirections or we need to update all links (in my case links in almost all my VH items, two websites, youtube and vimeo videos descriptions). :frowning:

Solved :wink:

There shouldn’t be a need to update all your item URL’s as we are currently handle that within our routing layer. Can you point me at specific examples of where this is not working for you?


Today I noticed that the “statement” does not appear on the extended sales data, and the string with the “Dashboard Plus” is missing in the “Settings” tab. Probably Envato wants to offer something better?

I can see the move to https. This causes the extension to break


very sorry, I’m so used to it :slight_smile: hope Envato come up with something like this … it’s easy to create descriptions for items …we will miss :weary:

I can’t finish creating my account, stuck on the welcome screen asking for country and terms acceptance…
Next page:

Error 404:

Thanks for the report! We’ve recently deployed some changes to address this problem. Would you mind trying again and seeing if your issue has been resolved?

I have bookmarked certain pages I like to visit (for example: filtered statement page without unnecessary clutter) and now when I try to use them, I get redirected to marketplace homepage.
The same happens with URLs in my browser’s browsing history, which I use for quicker access…

So I guess the issue is still present.

Well, now all links are working… Thanks! :slight_smile:

Great Update, Thank you :thumbsup:

@revaxarts hope you guys will bring back dashboard plus app soon :slight_smile:

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Yehaw SSL!

I’ll have a look at Dashboard Plus now.

Feel free to CC me on pull requests if you have any questions :smile: