External Links on Envato Market item pages

Hi guys,

I just received this automated email today that tells me they did a spot check on my item pages:

Your live previews (or demos) and item pages cannot contain links that seek to drive traffic/visitors to any external, competing site or service (including your own website if your item or similar items can be purchased or downloaded there).

However the only thing I just embedded were some animated gifs to encourage buyers to review my item. I am not linking to my site to drive sales away. My site is simply hosting some pictures. Like this GIF:


Is there an alternate way to embed custom pictures into your item description? I’ve searched around and found no alternative. How do you guys do it?

Thanks in advance!


I don’t have any links in my descriptions, items, archives at all, but I received this email too. I think Envato wants to warn all autors to keep the guidlines before they (Envato) start to take any actions, disabling items or accounts. Don’t think that using links to images is a violation.

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Never happened to me. It looks like automatic mail. Your links are ok in my opinion.

My Previews contain a link to the audiojungle profile. I hope it’s not a problem.

How about putting a link to youtube video that is on your own channel, just showing how the music fits a video?

I think it’s ok since you can even add your YouTube channel in the settings («Social networks» option).

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