Any reason why the marketplace is not running https?


Just curious why the each marketplace is not running https. Am I the only one?


I Think they are not using because of :slightly_smiling:

Mixed Modes – If your SSL implementation isn’t setup correctly
and you still have some files being served via HTTP rather than HTTPS,
visitors are going to get a warning message in their browser letting
them know some of the data isn’t protected. This can be confusing to
some website visitors.


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This has been raised before and there was an official response from Envato. Unfortunately, I can’t find it and can’t remember exactly what they said. Something technical! Hopefully someone will chime in who knows the answer.

Think is the most recent discussion around https and there you have madlep’s answer, one of the Envato devs:

madlep SAYS

dtbaker said
Re SSL: for this site to work then every existing forum image, item live preview and image within item descriptions would need to be hosted on SSL as well.
ie: authors would need to move all their non-ssl stuff over to a hosting account that supports https
Otherwise buyers may receive warnings and things like images and embedded live previews may not display at all.

And… there’s the reason why we haven’t done it yet :frowning:

Definitely is on the radar as a largish piece of work to be done. No idea when though.

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