ssl stopped working when installed bought template


Can anyone help me. I have just installed a new template that I bought earlier today, but when I installed it my ssl certificate started showing warning errors about insecure content, and I no longer have a green lock on my frontend pages (only the backend admin).

Not sure what to do / any ideas. I need this fixed asap, and the template author will be in bed (as other side of world).

Many thanks


HI Craig

you need to find any images and other sources which begin with http:// to be https://

The author should be able to help otherwise you might need to pay someone to help with the final bits, but most of the errors should be fixable in the theme.

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Thanks Gareth for taking the time to respond.

I gave up, and upgraded my existing template to the paid version, as needed ssl working quickly, so actually don’t have the template installed anymore.

I submitted a query to the author, but as far as I can tell (unless its hiding somewhere) I have not had a response.

Envato themselves have been good at responding though at communicating.

Its still ongoing.

Thanks again.