Author abandoned Template - Please Help

Dear Authors,

i bought the template Le Tissier along with 6 month of support but the other has abandoned the support and i cant reach him even though i bought the support. The Envato Help Center doesnt want to help me either. Can you maybe help me out to fix some bugs? Its just 3 minor ones and besides that the website is finished.

First Bug:

On this site if u view it on a really big screen the white paper on which the text is written moves to the right while the picture doesnt. But i need the white page to be in the middle of the picture like it is in small sized screens.

Second Bug:

If i view the Home Page on a mobile Phone the picture isnt shown fully.

Third Bug.

If i view the Home page on a mobile phone there is a Menu Button but if i click on it it stays empty which makes it impossible to navigate

Since the author has abandoned the Support and envato help center wont help me either it would be really great if u could help me with the bug fixes

Thank you!