Help wanted with template

Hi there,
I don’t know if this is the right place but I need help with a template I bought.
There are several bugs/problems with it but the author doesn’t reply. I’ve asked several times friendly but no answer. I even paid for extra support.
I’ve sent an e-mail to customer service from Envato but they can’t contact the author so they want to give me my money back.
That’s not a solution for us; we spent more than 10 weeks on this template with different people and we made lot’s of costs. The website is almost finished but the bugs must been solved.
Does anyone know what to do next?

Thanks a lot, Benno

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It’s impossible to advise without more info but you can hire vetted freelancers at

Hire? I don’t understand. I paid for the template and I paid for support. The template has bugs and I’m not responsible for that so why do I have to pay again???


If you are eligable to get a refund then you can request for refund. Can I Get A Refund is an explantion of the refund policy, requirements, process and a button linking to the request form.

Here is all the information about refunds: Envato Market Refund Rules



Thanks for your answer but unfortunately getting a refund is not a solution.
We worked with several people more than ten weeks on this project and it’s almost finished. As you will understand we have made very lot’s of costs so it must be solved and the website really has to go online.
If you wish I can sent you a screenshot video which shows all the problems.


if Item is fine but you need support for customization then best will be hire a freelancer or developer. But if you think the item has bugs and Auhtor not responding you then please get in touch with envato support and let them know.
Please open Help ticket and let them know. They will be happy to assist you.



I already did. I sent them the video I made but this was their answer:

“Thanks for your patience while we’ve been working on this for you.
Sadly, the author did not respond to our emails.
In view of this situation, I’d highly suggest you submit a refund request instead.”

So not a satisfied solution.

What are the issues?

These are definitely to do with the theme and not a result of custom edits or having had multiple people work on it?

Only theme issues. I deleted everything to show the original template isn’t okay. I did a complete fresh install of the template again and made a video of the problems for the support team of Envato. They told me only to ask my money back and didn’t offer a solution. Here is the video:

Check in css, maybe you have css color with important or on first child
If is only this issue, is not so big deal in fixing, any guy from studio can fix it.

If you want to check it, send me your link.


Almost all of that video looks like CSS issues

Are you definitely using the latest version of the theme and WP/plugins

Is your hosting PHP up to date?

It’s odd that the author is fairly responsive on item comments but not replying to you, but unfortunately there will be only so much envato can do beyond offer refunds regardless of if those are not a solution.

WP version is 5.2.1, 907 theme is the latest version and PHP is 7.3

If I knew that there wasn’t any good support I never would buy this theme.

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I follow this post from my email.

The Developer did a solid job creating the theme only that he did some quick job that needs feedback from a customer like you to fix few issues. try copy and apply the css below to your site it should fix the homepage portfolio issue

As suggested earlier, you should hire someone from

#pp_full_res > iframe{
    width: 100%;
    margin: auto;
.pp_content_container .pp_content {
    width: auto !important; /*we need to do !important here to overide inline css*/
.pp_pic_holder .ppt{
    width: 420px !important; /*we need to do !important here to overide inline css*/
    background-color: transparent;
    left: 33% !important;
/*setting css for medium and large screen*/
@media(min-width: 767px){
        width: 420px !important; /*you can adjust this based on your video with*/
/*setting css for smaller screen*/
@media(max-width: 767px){
        width: 360px !important; /*you can adjust this based on your video with*/
/*setting css for x-smaller screen*/
@media(max-width: 360px){
        width: 320px !important; /*you can adjust this based on your video with*/
div.pp_default .pp_content_container .pp_details {
    margin: 5px auto;
    width: 100% !important; /*we need to do !important here to overide inline css*/
    text-align: center;
    width: 100% !important; /*we need to do !important here to overide inline css*/

Hi, thanks a lot but it doesn’t work either, see attached file.
I tried a lot to solve this but without any succes…

Did you mean it doesn’t work at all or it fixed some part (or it give another problem). Did you clear cache after applying the CSS? see screen-shot from my side below.
Can you sketch out what you want if I can help further next time check?

Hi Good Muyis,

When I apply the CSS the bars on the edges are gone but now they appear on top and bottom. It doesn’t show up like in your screenshot. (I wish it was…)