What happens when author does not respond to support?

What’s the process for authors who don’t respond to support requests?

  • Do you still have active “period” support?
  • Are those questions related to the item or are you requesting modification/customization ? ( How can I add this/that? )
  • Is the author replying to comments on the item page?
  • When did you buy the item?
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This is in reference to an HTML Admin Template

  • Still active, 10 days left… got email from Envato asking me if I want to renew support
  • These are questions about bugs in the template
  • Last response to any comment (from anyone) was 7 months ago
  • I’ve actually purchased two licences: 09 Jul 2023, and 07 Sep 2023

For the HTML template, you’re required to have enough knowledge to perform the changes as you wish, you cannot just ask the author “how to change” the basic things . As you stated:

If those bugs are on the live demo as well, you could just inform the author to update the item but that would be the only thing you could do.

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I wasn’t asking how to change basic thing. The bug is evident on the live demo as well. They’re not responding to my comment, or anyone else’s comments for the last few months.

Does Envato not enforce the promised support?

Why would buy a template when you know it’s not functioning well?
Apart from that, if the demo has the same issue ( not exactly sure what it is ), it’s advertise as it is, therefor there may be some issues even you contact Envato support.

About the item support, the first 6 months is actually free that comes with the item, if you haven’t purchased the “additional support” or if it’s been already more than 30 days, there’s not much things you can do but next time/next purchase, contact the author first or check the item comments if they are still around.

There is a small UI bug in the minified code that I didn’t notice when I purchased it. The purpose of the support is to fix these kind of bugs I would think.

I’m here because I’ve been unable to contact the author after several months. And no other commenters have received responses from the author either.

To be honest, the item what you bought is “as is”, I’m aware of that some items may have some bugs needs to be fixed but once you purchase the item “as it is” you agree the terms.

Some of the authors are fine to provide solution for the bugs and fixes as some are not. Depending on the author and their own policy, they follow their own way.

If you’re unable to find support/respond from the item author, your options are limited to fix it by yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

Item Support Policy | ThemeForest suggests that bug fixes are fair to be expected.

With or without the first 6 months support, the item price is actually the same.
Author is not gaining any income from it, therefor some of them leave it as it is.

If you’re not happy with the item ( rather than “support” ) you can request a refund if it’s been purchased within the last 30 days. Otherwise, you can only contact Envato support to report the item but that won’t probably change anything as well as to get a respond from the author and Envato support may take around 10-15 days.