Where's the so called "Help Team"

I tried to buy a template! After inserting all the necessary info I received a notice that I was lock out and to contact the “Help Team”. Four hours after emailing “Help Team” I received an email from Ian stating that he had to connect with another team member to see what was going on. Three hours later still nothing!!! WOW all this just to purchase a template. I wonder how the author(s) would feel if they knew I client wanted to purchase their template and seller won’t get off it’s duff to make it possible!!!

the envato offices are in Australia so could be the reason for the delay, it’s currently about 7am there so probably another 2-3 hours before someone can help with the issue, just be patient and they will help you when the staff member(s) get to work.

That is correct, furthermore, as per terms, help can take up to 7 days to reply. Please don’t forget, the community is a 5 million plus community and sometimes the volume of tickets support gets is immense. Please be patient, these issues are treated with the highest importance and will get solved as soon as humanly possible. Cheers! :slight_smile:

Enabled, I see you are a community moderator, I kindly ask that you read my post again! I understand the “as per terms” Do you understand that I’m not looking for help “per se” I just trying to purchase a Real Estate template??? Are you telling me that it would be commonplace for Envato to take up to seven days to sell one template? WOW! I was contacted by Ian he stated that he need to talk with some else about why I able to buy a template and he would get back with me. Been over 5 hours ago.

I have read your message again, and my initial statement still stands. Your issue is top priority in the support chain, and will be handled as soon as your ticket comes to line. As I’ve said before, this is a giant community and the volume of tickets regarding this issue may be high today due to some payment gate fluke incident. Therefore, your ticket will be resolved as soon as it gets to the front of the queue.

As I’ve said, payment issues are highly important to support, and are dealt with in the fastest possible time! Cheers! :slight_smile:

Ok, thank you!

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