Need help

I purchased the Kanni theme, I need support. I created an account on your forum I did not get the verification email, I can’t log in to the forum. can you help, please?

I assume the forum account you created at their support page. You should contact them for the help as Envato forum is general purposes.

I tried to contact them more than 4 times, no response. I just don’t know what to do!!!

Try to contact the author via comments section:

I did! should I ask for my money back?

Try to be patient, it’s weekend. If you are thinking about asking for refund, please read this:

I really don’t want a refund I just need support!

The author @designthemes are a highly respected power elite author who clearly responds quickly based on item comments and I’d be confident they will reply ASAP but:

a) it’s a weekend and not all authors offer support on non business days and

b) while you may have tried to register a while ago - your item comment was only left 1 hour ago.

after providing them with the
“Purchase Code:” that I obtained from the download tap, their system is telling me it is wrong.
Mind you, I gave all the information they need when I was authenticated by them for the first time, why is it so difficult to obtain support from a product that I paid for and paid for support? I just need access to what I paid for.
Is that their way to force users to purchase customization through them??? JUST ASKING!!!