Issues with insecure templates

I have recently bought a template which has security vulnerabilities, i have messaged the developer who has told me it doesnt, even after showing proof they are still adamant it does not.

I have even showed the security issue on the demo page and they are still refusing to refund me.

When i buy a template to install on my site, i would expect the developer to at least be proficient enough with basic security that someone like me cannot hack/destroy my own site…

How can i contact Envato directly as this is not fair on the people who have bought from this author (who is an elite author) who doesn’t even know basic html security.

Hey there, we’re sorry to hear you’ve had issues with an author to this extent, but rest assured, Envato Support is here to investigate any such claims and take swift action. Please open a support ticket via Envato Market Help and Support and the matter will be investigated. Cheers!