Impact of a shabby template product on Envato Market

Hello Teams,
I’d really appreciate your frank feedback on this subject:
I’m interested in a service based template (which I won’t name here) which claims to be one of the best for this type of service, however the comments and reviews of the people who bought the template has more than 50% of negative feedback (template full of bugs, riddled with errors and poor support team…).
All the unhappy customers (in Dozens !!!) are all asking for refunds which seem they’re not getting at the end!!
It looks like the author is trying each time to balance the negative feedback but there’s a big number of unhappy customers who have only the comments page where they published their frustration.

  1. I’m just wondering why Envato lets these poor authors put their incomplete template in the the market while it’s rigged with problems??

  2. Shouldn’t a product (template ) be questioned and its market listing reviewed again if the number of negative of comments passes a threshold (here it’s around 50% bad reviews!)??

It’s all for the best of the customers and Envato Market.
Thank you!