Envato Market SSL certificate expired!

The envato market certificate is expired and is throwing warnings all over the place. Please renew it fast as all the urls I use to link to my products throw a warning for users!


Please open a help ticket at Contact Author Support and let them know. They will assist you.


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I already did.

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Hi @KBRmedia,

I’m not aware of any expired certificates in Market. Could you please provide an example URL which is using an expired certificate?


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It seems to have been fixed. It was on this domain: https://1.envato.market

Thanks @KBRmedia! The cert for 1.envato.market was just renewed last week, and I’m getting the new certificate when I test. However, there’s a tricky set of redirects that happen when using that URL. I’ve forwarded this on to the folks who are responsible for that system to check it out.