Heads Up: Error that impacted affiliate attribution.

Hey folks,

Just a quick heads up. Recently, our team discovered a minor issue impacting our affiliates.

From June 30th - July 28th, in the pre-work for Envato’s migration to HTTPS, a number of affiliate links that sent customers to live item previews on ThemeForest and CodeCanyon have failed to receive correct attribution.

The team has since resolved the underlying issue and we’re now hard at work on ensuring that we re-attribute our affiliates for their efforts. In the meantime, we will be making sure that our affiliates continue to be paid appropriately for their work.

We’ll provide updates as our team continue their work.


A quick update. The fix we put in place to resolve the HTTPS affiliate attribution issues has been successful.

The issue impacted only a handful of affiliates who were linking to item previews on ThemeForest and CodeCanyon.

Since we last reached out, our business intelligence team has been able to identify all of the missed deposits and attributed them to the correct affiliates. If you’re one of those affiliates you will have received an email with the the subject: “Adjustments to July Deposits” which further explains the situation.

For the affiliates who’ve been following this issue, we apologies for any inconvenience caused! A special thank you on our behalf to the affiliates who we reached out to and assisted us in resolving this issue.


Can you please tell me is this issue 100% resolved because, I see huge drop in sales this month in spite of same traffic. Normal conoversio was around 1 sale per 100-150 clicks depends on month, in September is 1 in 260. Seems that ThemeForest tracking issue again. Can You please check?

Hi Milkakula, I’m looking into this now. I sent you an email with a few questions that will help us understand what’s happening.

I’m seeing the exact same thing… Same traffic numbers, drastic drop in sales :expressionless: @WillHerring I wouldn’t mind getting that email myself!

Hi Enabled, I’ve sent you an email requesting more info :+1:

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Same here.

@Anps I took a look at you referral earnings for the month and you’re performing as well as you did last month and in one metric much better. Can you explain the issue you’re having?

Hi, no i was actually referring to if this could impact overall sales in anyway. Considering referrals everything is ok with us.