Envato is too slow... (Tax)



I am waiting for a paper from envato to fulfill my W-7 application in order to complete W8 form…

I send them a mail, 15 days ago and no answer with this paper!!!

I am really , really restless about envato, that makes change but can not help us to do it!!!

Please, I dont want to have less incomes because of envato fails…

I am really sorry to post this message, because I love Audiojungle and Envato, but
it is too much this change…


What paper?


A paper from envato, with my name and address, that shows that i work for envato and receive money from them.
I will show it to american embassy to have my ITIN…


Hey @TheBlueHorse, I understand your frustration…
Could you please tell me to who (what email address) did you send the request?


I think that was posted somewhere last week. Take a look in the main ‘non-US author’ thread.

Edit: You need to request it apparently, so I’m assuming that’s what you’ve done already? Hopefully they’ll get it to you soon.

“Hello again! First up, a general announcement for everyone who requested a letter from Envato support their W-7 application (attn: @MrMattMusic, @MusicPremium and @TopStudio). This document is now ready and available to collect from taxinfo@envato.com. In your email to taxinfo, please include the same full name you have entered on your W-7 form (usernames are not acceptable). Thanks again for your patience!”




Yes that what I have done!



I finally recieved the letter!!!


Every non-US author needs this letter from Envato? I thought we just fill in the W-8 and that’s it… Can someone explain? This is frustrating.


Same we also just fill the W-8 and nothing else? :expressionless:


You need it if you have to apply to the IRS for an ITIN number. Usually if you don’t have a foreign tax ID. If you have a foreign tax ID, then (in theory) you shouldn’t need an ITIN.

I think France was brought up as an example, as their tax records just go on names and dates of birth, there’s no country specific tax number.


If the information in your profile is accurate about where you live (Cayman Islands), then just fill the W8 form and choose not to provide a Tax ID Number.