Confused about tax withholding

I’m not clear (or I am and I think it’s ridiculous) on Envato’s tax rules.

I own a small business in the US, I’m a sole-proprietor, and I file my own taxes. In recent downloads I’m seeing a “withholding” charge!? That’s crazy. I am not an envato employee- that withheld amount isn’t based on profit margin which would include my expenses etc. I need to have that reversed, and I believe I see how with submitting a W9, which brings me to the absurd fact that I’m expected to complete a W9 and email it?
It’s extremely ill advised to include a document via email which contains your social security number. I am not comfortable with sharing my soc. # whatsoever with envato.

Am I alone in this thinking. Can anyone advise me on the best way to move forward as a self-employed US citizen? Thanks.

ask yourself this, if you do not fill in the tax form in “settings” you lose 28% world wide sales because as far as Envato is concerned your from the USA. If you do fill in the form but dont add a tax number, your taxed 30% only on USA sales. how on earth can that make sense? so if you fill in the form but dont give tax number because you CANT or wont, its taken that your from the USA after they excepted from the form that your not from the USA. complete nonsense. OR HAVE I GOT IT WRONG?
I agree with you on privacy matters regarding your info.
I earn like 22$ a mnth here, no way should i be paying tax to anyone.its a complete scam a blind man can see it.

Not sure if you’ve read this but it should cover a lot of your questions…

fulfilling is better in any case according to me … not so many guys make enough revenue to accept to lose that very much money out of failing to fulfill the forms … try to think about it, u are working hard on your items and u need to get as much money as u can from them and theres’ no way u can do that with not fulfilling the forms that u are asked to fulfill …