Updating your tax information, quick question...

Hi all, I hope you’ve been having an awesome year. Quick question
As a non US author, who had to update his/her tax information recently… what did you put in the box shown on the picture?
Its super confusing… and instructions attached could not be further from helpful…

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You have completed the form as if your company is working for someone else and paying the tax on behalf of that third entity (Banks, Brooker are examples of such companies). In such a case, the tax treaty between your country and the USA may have limitations and you must select a type of limitation.

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Thank you for translating it, any suggestions what to pick though? :slight_smile:

That depends on the type of your company and the limitation. You have to look in the tax treaty of your Country if there is such a limitation for your specific type of company. In the past, a foreign company claiming treaty benefits did not need to identify which specific limitation on benefits it used, but the US IRS changed this a while ago.

I’ve been registered as an individual not as company, so I don’t know what suits for your type of company. Best way is to ask the legal advisior or tax expert in your company.

Does anybody know what to pick over there? :slight_smile:

Ps:Thank you from the mountain :wink:

I found something like this. I don’t know if that may help you :smiley: