Form W-8BEN

Is it mandatory for a new user working outside the US to fill Form W-8BEN while making an Envato account? If yes, how can i fill and submit the form?


Tax Information & Form W-8 Requirements for non US Authors

If you are an author, your earnings will be subject to US backup withholding tax of 24% if you do not submit your tax information. It does not matter if you are a non-US person, your earnings will be subject to 24% backup withholding tax if you do not provide your tax information.

Here also have a special email address ( you can write to where we’ll provide as much help as we can. Of course, this has the caveat that you should always seek advice from a professional accountant / tax advisor because we can’t advise about your specific tax situation.


no, it is not mandatory but for reducing US backup withholding tax (24%) you should to submit. As @unlockdesign said if you submit the form with your TAX information then only tax will be taken for US sale and TAX percentage depends on your country.
US Tax Treaties:

Otherwise you have to give US backup withholding tax (24%) for all of your sale.
Note: If you are Author then you should submit but if you are Customer then no need.

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Would improper submission of W8-BEN lead to account lockdown or ban?


this form is very important because it is about your TAX information. So you should not provide any wrong information. So, please discuss with your legal Advisor/Advocate about this.

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hi this is mandatory if u wanna earn something lol, if u are considered as a us author (if u do not fulfill the form) u will have most of the money shift from your pocket to the one of irs lol

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With or without this form you will earn candy money on Graphic River. We here we try to help you guys to improve your skills.but here on this marketplace it is hard as hell to earn. These days Envato Elements sell more then GR in 2 mounts I earn 10 times then GR. But it is a tricky part being on Elements you will sell your goods like a bundle site and if you want to keep your work as a premium it is better to avoid this kind of sites.

i agree with what u said though u forgot to mention somethign essential in my view, this is that “envato elements” whether u want to take part or not is not completely your choice , as u can apply but some envato staff select participants

I’m already part in Envato Elements. I was invited approx 7 months ago to upload there. Elements is not a bad business model (actually it is works very well for me). What I’m trying to say it is ok for us as a content creators if we use it with caution. I’m already part in 2 other similar big platforms and from my experience it is better to keep your new products away for at least a couple of months before you publish it on monthly subscriptions platforms.

@ishwarraut05 Sorry for offtopic. As for your question. Yes it is mandatory to fill that tax form if you want to earn something. That depends of that treaty between your country and US . From what I saw you are from India. It is simple you can ask another Indian author here about that treaty between India an US (I’m sure there are many guys that can help you. Im from Romania in my case that treaty number is different). I think any author from India will help you to fill that tax form. Just ask.

no this is clearly nice , i would have liked joining i think but i was not invited , not selected once i had applied , indeed the system is a bit surprising a business model since it looks based on collectivism , this is the surprising for a million dollar company lol but as long as authors feel like their work is valued and that they can earn a decent living, i am agreeing with this, to say the least, in particular as this is thus not based on competition, an idea that i very much like to say the least
not all contents are available in elements anyway, so i think that is not opposed to what u said :slight_smile: