Waiting for THE letter ( W8) how long will it take ?

I send an email here : taxinfo@envato.com a few days ago to get the needed letter for IRS. How long will i wait ?

I have read almost the entire other thread…but, could someone please please explain in short:

who and for what case needs a W8 letter from Envato tax office? Thanks a lot!

Took no longer than a week here. Collis has to sign it.

You’ll need a letter if you’re applying for an ITIN.

If you’re receiving royalties from a source that is based in the U.S, you’ll need to be registered with the IRS, doesn’t matter if you live there or not. Otherwise, as a non U.S. resident, the IRS will withhold 28% of your income. To avoid that you’ll need a filled W7 form, a certified copy of your ID and a signed letter from the income source. This has to be sent to the IRS directly or to an American embassy in your country. If everything is filled out correctly you’ll receive your ITIN Number within a couple of months.

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If you will read the HELP page Envato provides (https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/205658994#howto) you will see:

"How to Complete and Submit a Form W-8 to Envato.

  1. The form is available under Tax Information on your Settings page…
  2. If you prefer, you can download a Form W-8 in PDF format from the IRS website and email the completed and scanned form to taxinfo@envato.com along with your username.

So you don’t need to get the W8 form by email if you just complete the form in your account settings.

And as I understood the TIN for non US authors can be either you company register number, for example all EU companies have a number at registration, or an ID from your passpord or ID if you are registered as a individual business.

“I don’t have a US TIN or a foreign tax identity number, what should I do?
If you are in a country with a tax treaty rate for US RWHT, then you
need to add a tax identification number to claim a treaty benefit. If
you have a tax number from your own country (i.e. a “foreign tax
identification number”), then add that into the W-8 form where

We have just completed that form from our settings page, and provide our company registered number which is the TIN in our country. I think that’s all they need to calculate your new tax, and provide IRS with all the details from the form you submited.

Hope what we did is corect.
Can others share what they did?


The letter from Envato is required, if you need to request an ITIN from the IRS.

Based on your country flag in your profile “Romania”, you can use your CIF. This is your foreign TIN. Look up more information here:

Then look up your country from here :

Also note below that you along with a few EU countries are quite fortunate as not everybody has a TIN:

There is no TIN at EU level, and not all EU countries have TINs. Some have other identifiers, which for legal or other reasons cannot be treated as TINs. Some do not automatically issue TINs to all taxpayers. Details of these limitations are shown on the individual country pages.

If you choose romania:

You will see that for your country of residence, the CIF is all you need. This is your “foreign TIN”, so you are covered. Since your country already provides you with a tax identification number, there is no need to contact IRS for an ITIN and hence avoid the long bureaucratic procedure of getting one.

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The letter Envato provides upon request, is needed for filling the W7 form. The W7 is an application for getting an ITIN. The ITIN is a number provided by the IRS. It is needed only if your country does not deliver a TIN (what the IRS calls an FTIN). Different countries have different numbers/IDs that are considered as TIN.

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It took a few days for me. But maybe you should tweet support to try and speed things up. You obviously won’t make the January 1st deadline. You should fill the W8 form anyway and select “I’m not able to provide a TIN”. That way, you’ll be able to avoid tax withholdings on your non-US sales, while you wait for your ITIN. Once you get it, you can resubmit the W8 with the ITIN.