envato is charging me 14.03 USD (63.77%) on item that is sold on USD 22. - ISSUE SOLVED



Just checked my statement and found that envato is charging me 14.03 USD (63.77%) on item that is sold on USD 22.

Before my earning rate on envato for item thats sold on USD 22.
NET earning: 12.76 USD i.e 58%

But now after new comment system…
NET earning: 11.00 USD - 3.03 USD (author fee) i.e total 7.97 USD

Whats going on… ??


Can envato member look through the issue…


I simply don’t get it… If i calculate the support purchase then it looks normal to me i.e i still get 58% on every item, I am going crazy… not able to understand envato new calculation system.

Also, didn’t understand whats the point of selling item support if we still get same amount.



hi buddy, where are u coming from? from the EU? this is not linked to customer fee or something that they inspired a while ago for EU?


Thanks for your response, i am not form the EU but its good to know :slight_smile:


i don’t know whether this is the answer that u were looking for, maybe be just a bug or a mistake operated by computers or something like this, so maybe u should contact the help center that would be a smart move for you to get to know what happened and for envato to get to know if there was something wrong happening at a time


I found several other post talking about same case, Just drop support over envato lets see what they have to say.



You could post a screenshot of the statement page showing the lines related to that sale


Interesting, for me 4 rows when a sales made is insane


Are you facing the same issue…


Found another post talking about same issue:


OK now i got it… :slight_smile: the transaction is correct.

No any mistake via envato, i didn’t understand properly before.



Glad you figured it out :slight_smile:


Actually, my other post is a different issue. The statement shows it correct (although confusing). But the money that goes into my account is FAR less: On a $49.00 theme, I’m making just $21.44 when I should be (as previously was) making $34.30. :frowning: