i am confused today... Turn off or ON for six month support?



I am confused today because of the new support policy,

if i turned on the support i lost $0.01 for every sales, So just now Turned off the support. i’m sure the “support policy” is not written well, it has so many loopholes.

I have some other question this regard

The support time is calculated from the time of purchase or from support query raised time?

What happen if i turn off support now, existing buyers can contact me?

Still need to provide support for 1 rated customer’s because they are all in support period?

How i can i react if (already turned off support) customer contact via email or my site contact form?

What happened if a item deleted?

I don’t like to provide support for six month but 2 months is there any option to change the support period?

Some times sales reversal happened so any way to track that customer?

If i posted (support for six month free) because of my situation i can’t provide support for a week or two, will envato disabled the item?

Any restriction on support like support is only provided for live sites only?

[ in my past i have faced this problem a customer asks support for two live sites with single license, because of the Rating factor i can’t do anything ]

More Ever i would like to say to envato PLEASE HOLD THIS NEW SUPPORT POLICY because these all best match with POWER ELITE and ELITE Authors i mean this six month compulsory support.


Just enable support and provide it, a constant market will build more buyer confidence and be better for all of us.

If someone is abusive or threatening with a 1 star rating then report them to support and ignore them. If someone is using your item twice, awesome, who cares, that means your item is good. Tell them nicely or just don’t worry and spend that time working on updates rather than complaining. Most people simply don’t know that they can only use it once, write it in your item description so they don’t have to read the license fine print.

Good luck!


By enabling the support, my earning per sale is way less. For a $49 sale, I used to make about $34. (That’s the 70% commission). But this week I’m making $21.44 on each sale. Shouldn’t I make the same or more than before? This makes no sense. I hope it’s just a bug that will get fixed and they will reimburse my lost revenue.


You should be still making $34 for each sale (or something very close to that).

It should be something like,
$21.44(from item price) + (from default support)$12.56 = $34


Yep, that’s what I thought. I don’t see anyone else reporting that they’re making less per sale. I’m now making 43% on each sale instead of 70%. So I’m not going crazy? I sent a support question to Envato, so hopefully they’ll reply soon with a solution. The thought of only making 43% on each sale is making me sick. :frowning:


So you’re getting $34 in total for a sale or not then?


Hey @BuchmannDesign

Other helpful community members have responded in the thread you created about this subject Making less per sale now after Support Policy change. Bug?

TL;DR You are earning the same :smiley:


Hey @samedelman I am one of the developers working on the Item Support project, I will do my best to answer all your questions.

This post (Item Support Policy and Functionality Launched) on the main thread can direct you to the article. In short, this is due to half cent rounding.

The support starts at the same time as the purchase.

If you have buyers with support then yes they can still contact you and are entitled to support, you will see if they have a support entitlement in any communications via the marketplace. As @dtbaker mentioned, if you are experiencing problems please contact the awesome Envato Support Team with details.

The support entitlement for buyers will still exist, same as buyers don’t have to stop using your item just because it has been deleted.

Currently there is no option to change the support period.

If a purchase is refunded the support issued with that purchase is also being refunded.

We offer the item support vacations feature to help manage expectations by indicating to buyers you are away and will return in X days/weeks.

In this situation I would contact the Envato Support Team and alert them to the potential license violation so it can be investigated.

I hope that helps! Have a great day.


No, I’m making just $21.44 now. I’m making $12.86 “less” per sale now since the support change. Something’s not right.


Thanks. But it’s still not resolved. I’m making now just $21.44 per sale instead of $34.30. Hopefully that other thread will eventually shed some light on the mystery.


Previously you would have been:

$47.20 (item) - $5.90 (author fee) = $41.30 earnings

Now with support it is exactly the same just more parts make up the cost:

$29.50 (item) + $17.70 (included support) = $47.20
$3.69 (item author fee) + $2.21 (included support author fee) = $5.90

$47.20 - $5.90 = $41.30 earnings, same as before :smiley:

Hope that helps clear things up.


Hi BuchmannDesign, please check the image below…:

Let’s assume you have $1500 in your account.
And suddenly you’ve made a sale.
Doesn’t it read $ 1534 ??

(It should be the case, else it means you have a problem)


In my case it would be $1521.44. In another thread most people, including an Envato developer says I’m making the same, but I’m clearly not.


@BuchmannDesign Post a screenshot of your statement amount if you need help with the calculations.


Sorry for this, friends. There MUST BE absolutely an error, then.
It should be fixed immediately.


Thanks so much. Here is a sample. The sale price for the item is $49.00. Please explain how I only make $21.44 if my commission is the full 70%.



Grab out a calculator. Type in those numbers in reverse.

24.50 + 14.70 - 3.06 - 1.84

= $34.30

which is 70% of $49.00

everything is good here.

just ignore the 4 separate lines in the statement and treat them as a single line. In a few weeks the statement will receive an update to make the information display nicer.

For more details about how the price is calculated please see this page: http://themeforest.net/become_an_author


So I should make $34.30 from this sale, right? I’m not… I’m making exactly $21.44 from every sale. Doing the math, it looks like the 6 months included support price isn’t coming to me. What do you think?

Sorry @samedelman for hijacking your post!


I agree, @BuchmannDesign you should get $34.30 per sale from that item.

I’m also confused whether buyer has purchased support paying extra $14.70 or not(i mean additional 6 months support). Statement is now messy :frowning:


I think if a buyer purchases extra 6 months (for total of 12 months) of support then that would be another line item in the statement.

So it looks like this is a bug, but for only a select few. I’ll be furious if Envato doesn’t go back and reimburse me for the missing earnings…