Envato Hosting - How Does It Work?

Guys, how does Envato hosting work? I need a simple answer. When customers choose the option “Theme, setup and hosting”, does the buyer purchase the theme PLUS hosting (one time theme cost $60 + recurring hosting cost $19/mth)

---- OR ----

does the buyer ONLY purchase hosting (19/mth) ??

I understand buyers can opt to purchase a cheaper $16/mth plan too if paid on a yearly basis.

Simple answers would be highly appreciated. Please pardon the all caps friends.

Not sure if this will help, but Matt has a lot of information around Hosted here - Envato Hosted: investing in the future of ThemeForest

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Thanks a lot @KingDog. Yes it does have a lot of information. Seems they’re still working the whole thing out.:grinning:

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