Envato Hosted: Hosting post-purchase experiment

Hi authors,

Today the Hosted team are experimenting with a new managed WordPress hosting plan available to ThemeForest customers, post-purchase.

This will be promoted on downloads and confirmation pages, initially replacing existing Studio “Install theme” buttons for a selection of themes already on the Hosted platform.

Downloads page:

Confirmation page:

As these customers already own the theme, we’re able to significantly reduce the cost of hosting, initially offering the plan at $6 per month or $60 a year, including theme installation, managed WordPress hosting and hosting support.

We’re approaching this as an experiment to determine customer appetite for standalone hosting. If successful, we’ll look at rolling it out across more themes and / or more locations.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We’ll be monitoring this post for the next seven days. Please remember our community guidelines as you post.


Love it :slight_smile: However, I wonder about the author earnings. User has already paid for the theme, will the author get the sale from the hosted distributed license?

Honestly, customers are generally not happy with Studio experience.

Hi Fuelthemes, thanks for reaching out.

For this experiment, a Hosted distributed license is not applied when standalone hosting is purchased by a customer as that customer already has a license from purchasing the theme outright.

Hosted authors will continue to receive proceeds from customers who purchase standard Hosted plans (which includes hosting and a theme license).

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