Buying a theme on theme forest and what is the costs


I am new to creating a website, new to wordpress and new to envato and theme forest. So suffice to say I know nothing and am VERY confused by all of this. I am trying to create a new website for a moving business I am launching. I just signed up for wordpress but do not have a paid account yet just a free one. I saw this one theme template on theme forest that I would love to just have as my website. How do I do that? and what is the cost? here is the theme…

I can’t seem to get an answer to my questions from the author of the theme and envato. I simply do not get any replies to my questions despite trying 2 or 3 times to both the author and envato. Can someone please let me know how all of this works including the so called LICENSE. i.e. to use the theme the author made do I have to pay his $29 asking price every month or just once? how do I use it for wordpress? i.e. how do I upload it? I wish I could just get someone to do this all for me and pay them and I just do the content/copy on the page making it relevant to my business.

Can someone please help me with basic language that is jargon free as I will not understand the industry jargon because I’m new to all of this.

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You pay once. That’s the $29 (and VAT or tax depending where you are based).

For that you get:

  • the theme and basic documentation

  • lifetime access to bug fixes and updates of the theme (as long as it remains for sale on Envato)

  • 6 months support from the author. Details of what this includes are here which can be extended for a fee.

Two important things;

  1. none of this includes installation and setup. If you want help you can ask the author or look on for vetted freelancers

  2. to use WP themes from here you need your own domain and hosting with WP installed.

Previously sites could not use themes from other marketplaces. This has changed but the subscription you need is quite pricey compared to many of the big hosts like blue, host gator, go daddy etc. It’s worth doing your homework on what hosting you want to go with if it is for your business.

That’s about all you need to know.


Thank you so much for helping. Like I said, I couldn’t get any answers and actually went to to start looking somewhere else for what I need. Your answer brought me back to Envato and now I will purchase the theme since I understand what the costs are. And thanks for laying out your answer in such a succinct and easy to understand way. You’re an asset to this site! :slight_smile:

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No worries - for someone who is new it’s mostly about managing expectation and adding clarity.

It’s important to realise that while (most) themes on here are super easy to work with a WP theme is fundamentally different to something like WIX which is more or a DIY solution.

There are huge benefits to using a professionally designed WP theme in terms of SEO, design, mobile behaviour etc. But simply so you don’t feel misled - there will be some level of patience needed to refine the site to what you need exactly and get your head around how things work if you are new to this space.

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I’m new to all of this but ready to learn and I always can pick up on stuff faster than most. That being said though, it’s a bit overwhelming especially when dealing with jargon i’m completely unfamiliar with.

One question, by “refine the site to what you need exactly”, what is it that mean you mean that exactly? Can you refine themes a lot? And add functionality that is not present in the theme as demo’d?

Also, do I need to get hosting from WP if I buy and install a theme or can I get hosting from a place like go daddy or gator where the price seems really in expensive?

Thanks again for your help!


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By “refine” we mean that themes have a lot of functionality and flexibility which is included in the demos, but it still may be possible to improve or tweak it even further to suit your needs.

As long as the hosting supports databases etc. Then ot can come from more or less anywhere.

Most people like Godaddy or Host Gator have dedicated WP hosting which may be faster but will be more expensive and in reality most of their budget packages can cope.

Bear in mind you get what you pay for with hosting.