ThemeForest offering Theme + Hosting


Did I miss an announcement for this? Some of the WP Themes on ThemeForest now offer this.

Does anyone know what the deal is?


Just saw this on one item… Whaaaat??? How this work? No official announcement about this?

They’re using a few select authors and a few items from each for this at the moment mate, I believe this is a test run with the view to pushing out further later. Right now I think there’s about 10 items with this available, unfortunately, none of mine! :smiley:

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Hehehe thought so…

It looks interesting, would be interested to hear the data behind it and the profit shares etc.

Would like to know how this works…
main question: If you buy a theme + hosting and at some moment you decide to change the theme, can you do that and keep the hosting?
One more, on the above screenshot you see that the theme + hosting price is $19/month How much does the author get?

i acquired this service. SO far the support is good and the hosting performance is great. I just wish that the dashboard is more developed, kinda confusing right now and very simple. I just wish there are ways to upgrade from the standard hosting package which gives you 100gb of monthly bandwidth with 5gb of storage and 100,000 visits. the bandwidth and visits of course resets monthly. I just wish they have an upgrade for storage or else i will move to flywheel. and also my great caveat is they dont have a staging feature which is very important now-a-days. They only have preview site which is basically from what i understand is not a staging because it basically copies everything that happens to a live site and vice versa.

Great bonus tho, you have a free ssl :slight_smile:
Overall, this is a great :slight_smile:

Looking forward for more of this.

It’s been there on this theme page for quite a few months now but since then no one of us reached that supposed level to have it on our items as well :wink: