Beginning of TF end ?

Today TF starts to sells WordPress themes for 4$ in Envato elements. Sad day … What do You think about it ?

?? I don’t see any WP Themes on Elements, so can you please be more explicit.


Here You go

4$ - 16$ and You got hundreds of themes

That’s Envato Hosted, which has been around for like a month or so now, not Envato Elements.

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And it’s paid annually, so the price is actually $48 to $192… making it $96 to $384 if they renew after the first year, and so on and so forth. Does that really constitute the beginning of the end?


Actually Hosted is pretty great - you get the theme price and the Envato Hosted support team takes care of all customer questions :+1:


Yes if you pay $16 per month for each of them, because what you’ve linked to is Envato Hosted, not Elements

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Hi @wordica. There are two different product types on the page you’ve linked to:

Envato Sites is for creating simple websites for a specific customer niche. Those suit entry-level customers that don’t have much technical knowledge, and don’t have any complex requirements.

Envato Hosted is the one that @WPExplorer is referring to - it’s a full-featured WordPress theme, with setup and hosting taken care of. Hosted sites cater to customers with more complex needs.

Both of those product lines have a monthly subscription cost - currently $4/month for Sites, and $16/month for Hosted, paid annually. They’re both relatively new, but have been around for a few months.

For customers who are happy to take care of their own hosting and setup, that’s what the more established ThemeForest content library is for. The two new products are designed to address different customer needs, catering to audiences outside of ThemeForest’s target demographic.

Hope that helps to clarify things!


Thanks but feature will show :slight_smile: 16$/monthly for all themes is great price for all beginners which earlier must buy hosting + theme/themes to have new look of site.

Well (in your $16 example)… it’s $192 per year, for one theme, only from the Envato Hosted selection. Just to clarify.

As for whether it’s a great price, it depends how proficient you are with Wordpress and site setup. If you have the free time and the ability to set the site and the hosting up yourself… then you could do it for about half the price. If you don’t have the time or the ability… then you’re paying for the convenience. In those instances, it;s a good deal for buyers and the authors get a decent enough cut from it, so it’s pretty win-win when you think about it.


Ok now I understand … I thought that someone buy submission for 16$ and can install every wp theme.