Envato Help - disappointed and Unprofessional


is it me or the envato support has a become very lack and unprofessional in the last time. I contact them about 6 days ago because i didn’t receive support for a item, i buyed 2 weeks ago. They told me there will contact the autor and as soon as possible they will come back to me. So since that mail i heard nothing from envato, i have wrote them again 4 mails to know in which situation is my problem, but they not response. Even a little response like “we are still working on that…” is missing. Is it me or is this very unprofessional for a company like envato ?

I am sure that will be my last items i have buyed here…

Sorry…but i am running a bit of frustation with my problem…and i had a need to tell here whats going on on envato.

Thanks for hearing :slight_smile: