Envato Elements Team Should Stop Play With Earning Reports!

If possible, please set the “after tax” as default, so we don’t have to select it every time we enter the page :grin:

And why this panic… people? :slight_smile:

@Jimmy_J → there is one feature… one thing I am dreaming about since I joined Elements.

The possibility of copying "drafts"


When I prepare my next series of projects, usually 5 to 10 projects that belong to the same “family” → in other words, such a series of projects are for example A4 and US Letter posters (10 copies) - most of their propeties are the same (for example, program → photoshop, file → PSD, Dimensions, most tags and so on)

I have to do all of this manually → 10 projects = I have to enter the same data 10 times into 10 drafts manually.

The “draft” copy option would be a godsend. :slight_smile: so then I can just edit few details and submit the item.

I hope that Envato Team will take this into account and maybe one day such an option will appear in our panel.

Peace! :slight_smile: thank You.

Unfortunately, the data on the page: Insights Report lags behind the data on the page: Earnings Report by as much as 2 days (after tax) Is it really not possible to sync?


Hi all, just cross-posting this one here.