Envato Elements Annual Refund

I was looking for a template for Davinci resolve. I found one that I wanted to and few other things that I was also interested in. I decided to log in to my account and purchase one of them now and I got a notification about the Envato subscription. I thought that it is a good deal. That way I can get what I need.
I was wrong. That was a bait. Instead of being able to get the templates I wanted I know how access to unlimited resources! but none for Davinci resolve.

I want my money back. I was misled and based on the number of posts here with similar issues I starting to think that all of this was made on purpose to bait potential customers.

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You are always open to cancel your subscription at any time: Cancelling Your Subscription – Envato Elements Help Center

If you didn’t download anything from elements till now then please contact Elements Support and let them know. Support Team will be happy to help about refund.


So is this going to change as I’m waiting to join elements but I use Da Vinci Resolve

no idea, i got my refund