Feel Really RIPPED OFF!

I feel really ripped off here!

I signed up to the subscription because I wanted to download two video templates and it seemed like a more sensible option! Imagine my surprise when I realized I couldn’t download either with the subscription! You should really make it a lot more obvious that when you say “millions of assets” you really don’t mean it! Or at least make it clear which templates you can download on the subscription

I will never ever ever sign up to this scam again! I would really like a refund for that subscription please, as I do still need to buy that video template… and now I only have enough money for the one so yeah good job there! Will definitely let any other designer I know to make sure not to sign up to this scam either!

And why is there no e-mail for customer support where I can request this refund? Or at least it is no easy to find if it does exist!

I feel sorry for the authors on here if this is how you trick your customers!

You know what actually… decided not to buy that template I was going to! So well done there again!

Subscription is only for items found on Envato Elements, not for regular marketplace.

You can contact the support and ask for a refund via this page (submit a request at the bottom):


That wasn’t clear to me when I signed up. But thank you for replying

Here goods luck i was sold q dead’s ao over 10n months ago and they still haven’t refunded me and never got any support was lied to about it when ask for help with upgrades it includes it then they SAY OT SNOT AND JUST WAISTED 28 DOLLARS TO HAVE SOMEONE RIP ME OFF AND NOT DO THEM

Wow that is worrying! I do have a feeling I just wasted my money.

If you have not used the subscription and downloaded files then there is a good chance that envato will refund you.

I haven’t, so let’s hope

Still nothing about this?!

Have you contact the support? There is a Submit request button at the bottom of this page:

Just for clarification, Envato did finally get back to me and fully refund me so I guess my anger was a little unjustified.