Request Refund for Envato Elements

Hi there,

I feel really silly about this and am currently kicking myself. But I have been an avid Video Hive and Audio Jungle customer for years as it’s been immensely helpful for my video producing needs. And today, while searching for video elements, I saw the deceiving button up top that reads, “go unlimited”. Like a dummy, I clicked and purchased. Thinking that I was signing up for unlimited Envato Market. Didn’t realize Elements was entirely different thing. I don’t have money to throw around like that and even though I cancelled my subscription within moments, I was still charged the $228. Charged for a service I won’t use at all. As a long time customer, it would mean a lot to me if you could help me get this refund. Thank you!

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Assuming you have not downloaded anything then if you open a ticket with support they will do their best to help

Yes, I haven’t downloaded a thing. Thank you.

First thing I did was submit a ticket. But I’ve heard from others on this forum that Envato takes a while to get back to folks. So I wanted to try this thread as well.

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I also fell for this advertisement.
Unfortunately, I feel extremely unpleasant.
Has also applied.

Unfortunately, these are the only team who can help with this. They will reply as quickly as possible.